Software developer and DevOPS @ Jawg Maps


Hi, I’m a software developer based in Paris and I work at Jawg. I’m a DevOPS and back-end developer who love open-source. I like to code in Java, Javascript (Node.js) and Rust. My favorite UI library is RiotJS.

Here is a list of projects that I maintain and contribute.

My Projects


Docker registry v2 web User Interface.

RiotJS JavaScript CSS HTML Dockerfile

Light docker for kosmtik.


User Interface for tile servers using leaflet.

RiotJS JavaScript CSS HTML Dockerfile

Add Pelias geocoding to your Mapbox GL JS map.

JavaScript CSS

Color operations user interface.

RiotJS HTML JavaScript

Docker for rust/rustc/cargo with openssl.


My Contributions


A distributed full-text geographic search engine using ElasticSearch.

JavaScript NodeJS

Set of material ui components for riot js.

RiotJS JavaScript CSS HTML

A gazetteer or big list of places, each with a stable identifier and some number of descriptive properties about that location.

Go JavaScript NodeJS

Rust interface for maneuvering docker containers.


An expressjs inspired web framework for Rust.


Open source monitoring and visualization UI for the TICK stack.


Slack WebHook transport for Winston logging library.

JavaScript NodeJS

Latest Mapnik3 docker container build.


Pelias (Geocoding) stress test for gatling.

Scala Java

OSRM (routing) stress test for gatling.

Scala Java

My Blog Articles

Docker Multi-Stage Build

On June 13, 2017 took place the Paris Container Day. At the opening of the conferences they unveiled a new docker feature : multi-stage build. That's the subject of this article.

Introducing Map taxonomy chart with Jawg Maps

Sometimes, we want to see our map style outside the map context. That's why we created the map taxonomy chart project. Jawg taxonomy aims to view almost all your style elements in one page. This is completely compatible with our maps styles created with the jawg lab. The result is viewable on websites and printable (pdf or paper).

Jawg Maps is evolving every day

At Jawg, we want to give our customers the best experience when they navigate our maps. That's why every day we strive to improve the services we offer. Discover the new features of Jawg Maps : OSM data management, transport network, hillshades, landcover...

Rendu GPU @ jawg (French)

Cela fait quelques mois maintenant que nous avons sorti les hillshades et landcovers. Cependant les hillshades n'étaient disponibles uniquement sur vos styles vectoriels. Maintenant ils le sont également dans vos styles raster !

Introducing our new routing profile

It's been a long time since we introduced our car routing service. Now, we are please to announce our new routing profile: walk. This profile is focused on pedestrian routing.

Do you want some icons on your maps ?

Icons are deeply linked to the maps we use every day. Universal symbols, they do not suffer from the language barrier and allow to be understood by all.

Jawg visual identity through time

We changed our visual identity after 3 years because it's very important for a brand. It helps to distinguish a brand from the crowd of other business.