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Tile Server UI


This project aims to provide a user interface for tile servers. The default tile-server is openstreetmap on this UI and you can add your own according to the leaflet notation (e.g. https://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png). All tile servers will be stored in the local storage of your browser. This project uses Riot, riot-mui and leaflet.

GitHub Page and Live Demo



Getting Started


First you need node and npm in order to download dependencies.

git clone
cd tile-server-ui
npm install

Now you can open index.html with your browser or use a http-server

npm install -g http-server


The docker contains the source code and a node webserver in order to serve the tile-server-ui.

Get the docker image

You can get the image in three ways

From sources with this command :

git clone
docker build -t joxit/tile-server-ui tile-server-ui

Or build with the url :

docker build -t joxit/tile-server-ui

Or pull the image from docker hub :

docker pull joxit/tile-server-ui

Run the docker

To run the docker and see the website on your 80 port, try this :

docker run -d -p 80:80 joxit/tile-server-ui


screenshot tiles-bounds